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Trying a new canvas idea out

Trying a new canvas idea out

been super busy again as you can tell really great couple weeks met some really cool people and got a lot done!!

ive been pretty busy lately, but you would never guess if you only checked my tumblr haha!

bloody rain was a nightmare! otherwise a good day haha


heavent updated for a while, been pretty busy! had a job at local football club on saturday that was really fun, been painting my own stuff as usual. hopefully painting again on wednesday. went out last monday good night, met some cool people. was supposed to go out again tonight. and hered the issue. my friend said he would come, last week mind you, and then yesterday i called to check he didnt answer then said he was in work. so called him today no answer, then text no answer, so hes ignored me all day, and then he came online on xbox and ignored my invite, WTF. and this is supposed to be my friend. nevermind the other people who i know from my course, they say that they will hang out and blah blah blah but when i message them, no reply what is that about, and there online aswell. so i can see why tupac said FUCK FRIEENDS! and girls are even worse. i know this girl, she hasnt spoke to me since may of 2011 then a few weeks ago she messaged me so we started talking and turns out the only reason she spoke to me was because she wanted a favour. i obliged, but then she took the piss, she wanted me to do the script for HER documentary, so i told her that was taking it too far. havent really spoke to her since. similalry to this i met a girl on a dating website we went on a date and i thought it went really well and we were talking all the time and it was great, then out of nowhere she said wed be better as friends but a poissibility of dating. so we set up a date. the day before she says she cant make it, then i dont hear from her for 3 weeks and she texts me today saying shes coming to chester and wants me to show her around, and starts going on a bout how she met this other guy on the site and he told her about the walls in chester. people take the fucking PISS. fuck you all!! only a select few people in my life that havent fucked me about or ignored me, so i have to say my best friend is a 40 year old graffiti writer who has taken me under his wing. he is the only one who genuinely cares and tries to help me! weird how things work. im sure no one will read this but its always good to vent! peace out bitches!

second canvas, battle sketch for competition and new pieces